How to Make Homemade Fake Snow for Christmas Glitter Houses


How to Make Homemade Fake Snow for Christmas Glitter Houses

When making your glitter houses, you may want to add synthetic snow to your house.

For this, you can buy it (DecoArt Snow-Tex, Aleene's True Snow, etc.).

Or you can make it. It's quite easy and only requires 3 ingredients.

This blog post will let you know how to make your own homemade fake snow to decorate your handmade Putz village houses.

This snow can also be used to add a nice snowy touch to any Christmas craft, decoration or ornament!


 Materials you will need:

• Baking soda
• Mod Podge
• White acrylic paint

• Stick to stir
• Sealable container

Craft Tutorial - How to make homemade fake snow for Christmas glitter houses or decorations - With Mod Podge and Baking Soda

Pour a small amount of Mod Podge (about 1 or 2 tbs) in a sealable container.
Add the same amount of baking soda.
Then add the same amount of white acrylic paint.

Stir with a stick.

From there, you simply need to add some baking soda, a small amount at a time, and stir thoroughly between each time - until you get the desired texture.

That's it!

No worries if you realize that you just added a little too much baking soda - you can still add a little Mod Podge and white acrylic paint to balance the mix.

Homemade fake snow with baking soda mod podge and acrylic paint

Make sure to seal well once you are done, as it dries rather quickly when exposed to air.

Now you are ready to make your own glitter house!

Here is a free tutorial:

DIY Craft - Christmas Village Putz Glitter House - Tutorial # 1 - Simple Cottage - Free Printable Template Included

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