DIY Christmas Village - Putz Glitter House - Tutorial #5 - Row Houses

Christmas Glitter Houses

DIY Craft Tutorial 5 - Cardboard Christmas Village Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Montage

Here is the fifth glitter house from my "DIY Christmas Village" step-by-step tutorial series. My goal is to create several different houses in order to build my own Christmas village set - you are welcome to join me in my journey!

Making handmade Christmas decorations is a popular and great craft idea, and I am sure that you will have as much fun as me creating a modern version of old vintage Putz houses!

The current project will allow you to make ROW HOUSES.

If you missed the first tutorials, you can find them all here.


 Materials you will need:

Free printable template (+ letter size paper & printer to print it)
• Cardboard / kraft chipboard sheets (I use letter size ones - 8.5x11 inches)
• X-acto knife / utility knife
• Scissors
• Cutting mat
• Metallic ruler
• Masking tape
• Pencil
• Vellum / tracing paper (translucent paper)
• Glue stick
• White craft glue
• Glue brush (or old or cheap brush)
• Acrylic paint
• Paintbrushes
• Cup of water (to wash your brushes)
• Plate(s) or palette(s) (to mix/pour paint, glue, snow, medium)
• Fake snow - you can buy it (Snow-Tex, True Snow, etc.), or you can make it
• Palette knife or stick
• Non-yellowing fluid medium (I am using Liquitex Acrylic Fluid Gloss Medium, but you may also use any non-yellowing medium or finish)
• Glitter
• Shaker or spoon (to sprinkle the glitter)
• Plate to collect the glitter leftovers

• Decorative scissors or punch
• Miniature accessories (sisal trees or other)
• Flicker light (battery operated LED tea light candle)
• Christmas music (to get you in the mood :)

Step 1 - Cut + Fold the Pieces

First, you will need to download and print my free printable template here.

The template is for a 7 x 3 inches house, on an 8.5 x 5.5 inches base.

Since I already explained and pictured in depth the folding & cutting steps in my first tutorial, and since the method is essentially the same for all houses, I will simply resume the steps here. But you can refer to the pictures in my first tutorial if you are not sure how to proceed.


Using masking tape, fix each page of the template to a cardboard.

Take an x-acto or utility knife, a metallic ruler and a cutting mat. Make sure that your x-acto blade is new, to provide the sharpest and cleanest cut possible.

The cut lines are the solid lines. Start with all the holes (windows, light hole).

Continue cutting along all the other cut lines. You can use scissors for these instead of the x-acto, if you prefer. Don't forget the cut lines between the glue tabs.

*TIP: If you plan to make several houses based on the current template, use the cut cardboards as patterns to trace all your houses before proceeding to the next steps. This will save you time (and paper).

1 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Cut the cardboard pieces from template


Scoring will allow you to make an easy, clean and crisp fold.

Take the first cut cardboard piece and its cut paper template. Based on the paper template, trace the fold lines on the BACK of the cardboard piece with a pencil. Do the same for all cardboard pieces.

Using an x-acto and metallic ruler, make a LIGHT score line along the fold lines. Do not press down hard with the x-acto - you only want to slightly and gently slice a thin layer of the cardboard fibers.


Once all scoring is done, gently and slightly fold along the score lines towards the opposite side of the cardboard (towards the front of the piece).

Now make the "real" folds, toward the back of the piece. Press firmly all along the folds.

All of the pieces are now done:

2 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Fold the Cardboard Pieces

For the fence, I used a decorative punch to make a prettier border, but if you don't have a punch you can use scissors and create your own border, or simply leave it as is to make a straight fence.

Step 2 - Frost the Windows

For this step, you will need: vellum paper (or any translucent paper of your choice), pencil, scissors and glue stick.

Working on the back side of the pieces (the side that will be inside the house), trace and cut pieces of vellum paper to cover the window holes of each side/wall of the house.

The light hole on the back wall should NOT be covered with vellum paper - it must remain an open hole in order for you to be able to insert a LED flicker light later.

Carefully glue the vellum pieces to the cardboard with glue stick. Make sure that the vellum is glued flat and without any wrinkles.

3 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Frost the Windows with Vellum Paper

Step 3 - Assemble the House

For this step, you will need: good white craft glue (personally, I recently became a fan of Aleene's Original Tacky Glue), glue brush (or an old or cheap brush), and plate to pour the glue.

Working one glue tab at a time, apply a thin layer of glue on the tab with the brush. Then carefully align both parts together and firmly press down all along the tab and hold until you feel that both parts are bonded enough to stay together.

I recommend proceeding in that order:
1. Walls of the house
2. Flaps supporting the roof (the rectangular flaps go under the triangular ones) 
3. Roof
4. House on the base
5. Stairs (see tip below)
6. Fence

*TIP for the Stairs:
I recommend gluing the stairs before the fence (on my end I glued the fence before gluing the stairs, and it made my job a little harder).
Also, to make sure your stairs will be glued at the right height and will fit with the doors, follow these steps (pictures are also provided further below):
• Using a door cutout, place the cutout (without gluing it) in front of the first door window on the house.
• With a pencil, trace guide marks on the house - along the bottom of the door, and on each side of the bottom corners of the door.
• Repeat the process to add guide marks below each door.
• Guiding you with the marks, glue the back of the top step of each staircase to the house wall.
• Then, glue the bottom of each bottom step to the base, so the stairs are at a right angle.
• Glue the sides of the stairs.

Do NOT glue the cutouts for the doors, windows and strips yet - we will need to paint them first, this will make our job a lot easier.

Let the glue dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

In the meantime, choose your paint colors and accessories (optional), and set up your work station for the painting step.

4 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glue the Walls
5 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glue the Roof
6 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Trace Markers for the Stairs
7 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glue the Stairs Top Step
8 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glue the Stairs Bottom Step
9 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glue the Stairs Sides
10 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Assembled

Step 4 - Paint the House

For this step, you will need: acrylic paint, paint brushes, palette and cup of water to wash your brushes.

I painted the ground in white (snow!), and the houses in pastel colors (purple, pink, yellow, mint green) - but of course you can use any color you want.

I also painted the stand of the sisal trees in white.

Painting the cutouts can be messy, so I worked on a piece of paper for that part - just make sure to move the pieces to a clean spot quickly after painting them, so they do not stick to the paper when the paint dries.

Let the paint dry completely.

11 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Paint

Step 5 - Add the Accessories

Glue the cutouts for the window frames, doors and strips to the house. I personally prefer to use a thin layer of white glue for this, but you can use glue stick if you prefer.

Then, glue the accessories with white glue.

12 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glue the Accessories

Step 6 - Add the Snow

For this step, you will need: fake snow and a palette knife (or stick or brush).

You can either buy synthetic snow - DecoArt Snow-Tex, Aleene's True Snow, etc. - or you can make it yourself using my fake snow recipe.

I spread the snow in that order:
1. Ground, stand of the trees, around the house at the foot of the walls, stairs
2. Edges of the windows
3. Roof
4. I also added snow to the sisal trees, to make them more snowy

Let the snow dry completely.

13 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Add the Fake Snow

Step 7 - Add the Glitter

Now it's time to make your house sparkle!

For this, you will need glitter. I use Hemway Ultra Fine Craft Glitter - Iridescent White, but you can use any glitter you want. I prefer white glitter since I think it is more "snowy", but you can use colored glitter if you prefer.

You will also need: non-yellowing medium, paint brushes, a shaker or spoon to sprinkle the glitter, and a plate to collect the glitter leftovers.

Begin applying the medium with a brush on the ground. Work one small area at a time.

Then, sprinkle glitter on the medium, and shake excess glitter into the plate.

Continue applying a coat of the medium/glitter mix on the rest of the yard and on the house (walls, window frames, door, roof, etc.). Don't forget the snow on the window edges and accessories.

Do NOT apply on the vellum windows, as the medium will wet the vellum and make it wrinkle.

Collect the glitter leftovers to reuse them for the next house.

14 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glitter - Apply Liquitex Medium with Brush

15 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Glitter - Finished

Step 8 - Add the Final Touches

Insert a battery operated LED tea light candle in the house - do NOT use a real candle!

16 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Add Flicker Light LED Candle

And voilà! We now have another glitter house ready to be placed under the Christmas tree :)

17 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Front View

18 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Side View

19 DIY Craft Christmas Putz Glitter House - Row Houses - Illuminated Light View

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