Can printable wall art be purchased worldwide?

Yes! Since printable art listings are all digital downloads, they are available for purchase at any time, from any country in the world :)

I will be printing at home - what kind of paper do you recommend?

If printing at home, you can use regular paper or heavyweight matte paper (please first make sure that the paper weight is compatible with your printer). Smooth white paper is usually recommended, but some customers have achieved pleasing results when printing on lightly colored or lightly textured paper.

I want to use an online printing service - any recommendations?

Here are a few of my customers' favorite photo print shops:
CVS - Walgreens - Snapfish - Mpix - Costco

However, some customers reported that the printing quality at Staples, Kinkos or other office supply stores was not the best, so you might want to avoid them.

If you are on a budget, a great option is to have it printed on photo paper.

Or, if you would prefer a paper print with a more high-end and artistic look, you can look for a print shop in your area that does giclee prints on artistic or textured paper.

Otherwise, photo print shops usually offer additional options like canvas prints, framed prints, mounted photo panels, acrylic prints, metal prints, etc.

Tips: Print quality, size & color

All files included in each printable package are high resolution (300 dpi), for optimal printed results.

Please keep in mind...
Colors can vary from one screen to another - so the printed colors you will get on your print may not be exactly as the colors you see on your screen.
• Print quality can greatly vary from one printing service to another. If you are unsure as of to which photo print shop to choose, you can do a small printing test with a few different photo print shops to compare.
• Make sure to print at the original size of the file, or smaller - if you print larger, you will lose resolution.

What are the terms of use?

By buying a printable package, you are granted a licence to use the design for your own personal use only. All copyrights remain the property of © Happy Cat Prints.

What's allowed:
- You MAY use the design for your own PERSONAL use only.
- You MAY offer a PRINTED version as a gift.

What's NOT allowed:
- Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.
- Do NOT share the digital file.
- Do NOT post the high-resolution file on social media or any website.
- Do NOT distribute prints of the design.
- Do NOT sell the design in any format (digital or printed).
- Do NOT use the design on commercial items or documents.
- Do NOT publish the design.
- Do NOT modify or alter the design.
- Do NOT claim the design as your own.


Can I cancel my order?

Please see my Cancellation Policy for all details.

Do you accept returns?

Please see my Return Policy for all details.

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