William Morris - Willow Bough (Neutral) Classic Textile Pattern - Samsung Frame TV Art 4K - Digital Download
William Morris - Willow Bough (Neutral) Classic Textile Pattern - Samsung Frame TV Art 4K - Digital Download

William Morris - Willow Bough (Neutral) Classic Textile Pattern - Samsung Frame TV Art 4K - Digital Download

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William Morris
Willow Bough, 1874
(Neutral color variant)

Poster-style design featuring a classic textile pattern created by famous British artist William Morris, displayed on a light neutral beige background, with the artist's name and the work's title and year of creation written below in dark gray serif font.

The artwork is a beautiful decorative pattern illustration with branches and leaves. An elegant and classic print that will never go out of style!

Tones: cream, beige, gray, greige, brown

Instant download.

The image you will receive is sized to the Samsung recommended resolution of 4K / 3840 x 2160 pixels / 16:9 ratio - to fit all Samsung Frame TV sizes.

Can also be used on any 4K/16:9 display:
- Smart television (Apple, Android, LG, etc.)
- Digital frame (Meural, Canvia, etc.)
- Wallpaper for computer monitor

Easy to use - see tab below to know how to install on your Frame TV in Art Mode.

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Additional keywords: vintage, retro, boho, romantic, art nouveau, tapestry, tapestries, repeat pattern, painting, drawing, nature, botanical


JPEG file format
In 4K / 16:9 ratio / 3840 x 2160 pixels size

To fit on the Samsung Frame TV (all TV sizes), and also on ANY 4K/16:9 display, television, or digital frame.



STEP 1 - Download on your phone:

Upon your order, your file(s) will be available to you in two ways:
• On-screen access link after checkout
• An email containing a download link will also be sent to your email address

On your phone, create a new album called Frame TV in your Photos app.

Then, download the file(s) into that folder - this will make it easier for the SmartThings app to recognize the images on the next step.

STEP 2 - Upload to your Frame TV:

Make sure your Frame TV is on, and connected to the same WiFi network as your phone.

Open Samsung's SmartThings app on your phone – or, if you don't have it already, download it from the App Store application on your phone, it's free!

In the SmartThings app:

• Select your TV device
• Select Art Mode
• Select Add Your Photos
• From the album drop down menu, find the new "Frame TV" album you created earlier
• Select your artwork
• Select the No mat option for a full screen view, or choose a Mat option
• Click Set On Frame to display the art on the TV
• Make the art look more to your liking by playing around with the Brightness and Color Tone in the Art Mode settings (accessible via the three dots in the top right corner of the app).

In the TV's settings menu:

Using the TV remote, you can also further adjust the display appearance of the TV screen.


Adjusting the display appearance both within the app and the TV settings will really help your Frame TV display to look more like art and less like a monitor.

Don't hesitate to test different settings to find the right combination that will make your art look best in the natural and artificial light sources of your room.

Enjoy your new instant home decor :)

- - -


If you prefer, you can download the file(s) on a thumb drive using a computer, and install the files directly into the TV through the USB port on the screen, then adjust the settings via your TV remote.

But the SmartThings app method is known to be better as it allows you to have more control options.


PERSONAL use only.
NO file sharing.
NO commercial use or redistribution.

You CAN:
  Display on your Frame TV at your home or office
  Print the art on paper, canvas or other support to display in your home or office
  Share a link for your friends or followers to purchase my art on happycatprints.com

  Share the files (instead, please direct people to happycatprints.com for them to purchase)
  Make commercial projects or products for sale
  Make the files available on social media or any website
  Publish, distribute or sell the design in any format (digital or printed)
  Modify the design in order to use an altered version for commercial use
  Claim the design as your own

By buying any downloadable artworks, you are granted a licence to use the design for your own personal use only. All copyrights remain the property of © Happy Cat Prints.

Thank you so much for respecting my work!
Caroline :)

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