Reserved listing for Emma

Reserved listing for Emma

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Cat laundry room art with a combination of three different cats:
• WASH (white cat)
• DRY (orange tabby cat)
• FOLD (calico cat)

How it works:
• Download & print yourself
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• Print at home, or have it printed at your favorite photo printing service.
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What you'll get:
Zipped (.zip) folder containing JPEG files in different ratios, printable in multiple sizes.
All files are High Resolution (300 dpi) and in JPEG (.jpg) format.

2x3 ratio files

For printing:
Inches: 4x6 – 6x9 – 8x12 – 10x15 – 12x18 – 16x24 – 20x30 – 24x36
Cm: Up to 60x90 cm

3x4 ratio files

For printing:
Inches: 6x8 – 9x12 – 12x16 – 15x20 – 18x24 – 24x32
Cm: Up to 60x80 cm

4x5 ratio files

For printing:
Inches: 4x5 – 8x10 – 12x15 – 16x20 – 24x30
Cm: Up to 60x75 cm

5x7 ratio / INTERNATIONAL files

For printing:
Inches: 5x7 – 10x14 – 20x28
International paper: A1 – A2 – A3 – A4 – A5
Cm: Up to 59x84 cm

11x14 ratio files

For printing:
Inches: 11x14 – 22x28
Cm: Up to 55x70 cm